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Craig Forman

Craig Forman


Chair of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

Craig Forman is General Partner of Next News Ventures, a media tech-focused venture capital firm investing in growth-stage startups. With over 20 years of experience in the internet, media and communications industries, Mr. Forman served as President and Chief Executive Officer at McClatchy Company, a California-based news and information company until 2020. Mr. Forman was Executive Chairman of the Board of the mobile advertising company Appia, Inc. from August 2011 until its acquisition by Digital Turbine Inc., and on whose board Mr. Forman served until January 2017. Mr. Forman has also served as Executive Chairman of WHERE, Inc., a location-based media company which was acquired by eBay. Mr. Forman currently serves as Executive Chair at the Center for News, Technology & Innovation (CNTI). 

Mr. Forman has an undergraduate degree in Public and International Affairs from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in law from Yale Law School.

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